1. This weirds me out a little. Too soon? (at a dog fight)


  2. I might be on a yacht with @bestpizza33 #yolo #bestpizza (at New York Harbor)


  3. Hang n with the homies in Brooklyn @mark__cross @death_cloak @donnydinero420 @jason__ochoa (at Greenpoint Tattoo Company)


  4. Congrats to my main damie @keithpogge @beachpeople @billykrystals @oldfieldcycles @narcobaby (at I-10 Tallahassee Fl)


  5. Let the games begin. After hours at. @kingsavetattoo with @duncanfullofjoy @zackspurlock @stokedintorment (at Kings Avenue Tattoo)


  6. Ping pong in Williamsburg. (at PIPS)


  7. ­čś×

  8. One shot on Captain Peter at @kingsavetattoo. (at Kings Avenue Tattoo)


  9. Happy little lighthouse and captains wheel yesterday. *For appointments­čĹëchuckdtats@gmail.com


  10. On the attack with my new @scsylvia machine. She’s a beauty Scott thx! A grezilla in the mist in the background. (at Kings Avenue Tattoo)


  11. A little twist on this design to end the night last night at @kingsavetattoo . Sun burned cowboy on Cody. (at Kings Avenue Tattoo)


  12. Stopped by @funcitytattoo today and saw this gem hanging on the wall. We were babies @dreamingofclovers @bigstevenyc One of my favorite shops in nyc (at Fun City Tattoo)


  13. Good morning. Repost from @banksyblog (at Montauk End Of The World)


  14. 2 years ago on this date I married my life partner @dreandrea. Gathered there that day in Harriman state park I was amongst my family and best friends. Very blessed to have such amazing people in my life. (at The Surf Lodge)