1. On the attack with my new @scsylvia machine. She’s a beauty Scott thx! A grezilla in the mist in the background. (at Kings Avenue Tattoo)


  2. A little twist on this design to end the night last night at @kingsavetattoo . Sun burned cowboy on Cody. (at Kings Avenue Tattoo)


  3. Stopped by @funcitytattoo today and saw this gem hanging on the wall. We were babies @dreamingofclovers @bigstevenyc One of my favorite shops in nyc (at Fun City Tattoo)


  4. Good morning. Repost from @banksyblog (at Montauk End Of The World)


  5. 2 years ago on this date I married my life partner @dreandrea. Gathered there that day in Harriman state park I was amongst my family and best friends. Very blessed to have such amazing people in my life. (at The Surf Lodge)


  6. Pretty little lady for kaleb to end the night at @kingsavetattoo (at Kings Avenue Tattoo)


  7. Big bad wolf tonight at @kingsavetattoo (at Kings Avenue Tattoo)


  8. #horichiyo flash on @jaypt from yesterday. Email me at chuckdtats@gmail.com for an app! (at Greenpoint Tattoo Company)


  9. Good people. @beachpeople @lesleypitas @dreandrea @seancaffrey @sikeyourmind @vacations (at Bowery Hotel)


  10. These days.


  11. Vineyard raft club. @newliborio @kingsavetattoo @luckycowboy78 @dreamingofclovers @willsquigdesign #stonewalltoo


  12. Waiting for our ride home from #gayhead. #stonewalltoo


  13. Taking walkins today at @kingsavetattoo from king grez’s new Stoney sheet. #chuckknowsstoney #stoneyknowshow


  14. #riprobinwillams