1. A Bart Simpson kinda day. Oldie but goodie on @joeskiwhoaski (at 5th Ave Park Slope, Brooklyn)


  2. Life after death. Back open next Saturday. #ullirules


  3. All day today. @kingsavetattoo (at Kings Avenue Tattoo)


  4. A couple fun ones today. For appointments please email me @
    Chuckdtats@gmail.com. Thanks! (at The Old Stone House Historic Interpretive Ctr)


  5. Yesterday’s fun. A @jason__ochoa devil head and peacock from my own flash. Me putting the moves on @justinweatherholtz (at Gowanus Canal)


  6. Did the color versions of this classic design a few months back. Did the black and grey version yesterday at @kingsavetattoo on @illegal_drvgs (at Handball Courts 4 St)


  7. Cat power. Some fun ones from last year. Working today at kings avenue tattoo NYC, taking walk-ins.


  8. Tonight if ya around go see GB at house of vans. #tbt that one time at cbgb’s. @paddy_party @smil68 @civ @waltertown *backwards cap white v neck young chuck (at Kings Avenue Tattoo)


  9. Some originals hanging up in mi casa. #donedhardy @iammikarin #kyleranson @_singley @wesduvall @oldemcdonald from left to right. (at chuck and dres love shack)


  10. Dinner with my beauty @dreandrea (at Lomzynianka Restaurant)


  11. A stroll thru Soho (at Soho)


  12. Happy 4th ya’ll. @kingsavetattoo @justinweatherholtz


  13. Pit stop @justinweatherholtz (at PIPS)


  14. *healed one from 6 months back. #blackpanther #fredhamptonmurderedbythepigs (at Lake Street)