1. Thx Adam and Brittany! chipping away on Brits back and a war pig on Adams skinny arm.


  2. Me and my pretty lady @dreandrea at passenger bar photo booth tonight (at uncle touchy)


  3. New spider tattoo on @jaypt (at Greenpoint Tattoo Company)


  4. Late night cruise n. Thanks #kcdc (at Wythe Hotel)


  5. Pretty lady on Lenny’s arm. (at Greenpoint Tattoo Company)


  6. New and old ones on frank the tank. Forearm tats.


  7. Perfect day for a impromptu city bike ride with @whiterosecollective Dre (at 475 Kent)


  8. Had the honor of tattooing our dear friend Melissa Carroll’s mother today. Melissa passed away this week after years of battling cancer. RIParadise @melispa


  9. Hot springs ! (at Calistoga Spa Hot Springs)


  10. Get n’ our sideways on in Sonoma. Wine tours ! (at BR Cohn Winery)


  11. Thx Ryan! (at Blackheart tattoo)


  12. Some of yesterday fun at @blackhearttattoo ! Eagle is from @codykilla flash, thanks @tiffanyward for the sweet action shot. (at Full House House)


  13. Had the privilege of tattooing the lovely @lanamariko yesterday at @blackhearttattoo (at Blackheart tattoo)


  14. Just a couple spots left! Please email me if you are interested in getting tattooed next week at black heart tattoo!
    * chuckdtats@gmail.com